Monday, June 27, 2011

Uncle once again

Friday my younger sister had her first baby.  A little 7lb 21in girl.

Back to the book world.  It appears that the print version is going well.  I have been billed for the setup and proof copy from Lightning Source.  I should see it any day as the invoice says its being shipped UPS NBD.  Writing goals for last week were missed.  Between launching book one, Social Geeks meetings, and a baby, writing time got sacrificed.  This week doesn't appear to be much better.  The week itself is going to be cut short because of the holiday coming up as well as catching up on all of the neglected tasks from last week that did not get done as well.  If I can finish chapter two and three, I will be very happy.  I know I can do it, I just need to sit down and devote the time to it.

Some of the marketing ideas that I have I also need to set aside some time to complete as well.  I have a rough draft of a teaser trailer video for both Requiem and Guardian.  Also the footage I took when we did the photo shop needs to be edited and put on YouTube as well.  These should all generate some visibility for the book.  Other ideas I had were to do character interviews.  This seems like a fun idea to treat the characters in the book like real life people or actors and ask them questions about the book.  I am also looking into Facebook ads and Adwords from Google.  These seem to be fairly cheap options that have the potential to get my book, or at least the book cover art in front of a lot of people.  Granted most internet users block ads, at 50 cents per 1000 exposures, it is something that you could spend $2.50 a day for 5k exposures and let it run for a month.  Direct advertising often does not pay for itself, its more about the "branding" and exposure to people that are not in my direct communication circles.  However $75 a month for 150,000 Facebook ads that you can directly focus to potential customers is kinda hard to pass up on.  Even if only 1% get looked at that's 1,500 people that never knew it existed, and if 1% of those people buy the book, that is 15 sales you would not have had otherwise.  It still wont pay for the cost of the ad, but the exposure potential is there.  Also if you do the ad right 1% look with 2% purchase would pay for the ad, and anything more than that is profit.  However I am going to wait on this until the print book is out to maximize potential.

What are some of the marketing or advertising things you have done?  Were they successful or not?


  1. I'm nowhere near having anything to market yet. I shall probably look to people like yourself when the time comes. I just had to comment on how beautiful - and alert - that little girl is. Does she have a name yet?

  2. Her name is Brooke Afton Bunn. There seems to be a rash of good looking babies of late. The last three I have seen have been blessed with good looks.

    I remember seeing a lot of babies that looked like smashed frogs or grumpy old men.