Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book cover photo shoot

Tonight finally we are going to get a photo shoot done.  The book cover has been aggravating to get done.  The first model was super excited and 2 weeks into the planning she up and disappeared.  An extra week and a half was lost trying to find out if she was still interested before I gave up and moved on.

The next model was ok with everything except her schedule was bad.  The earliest she was available would be July.  That was a deal breaker.

Next girl that said yes simply never replied to emails or answered her phone or returned voice messages.  Sigh... 4+ weeks into it now.

Another model was contacted and showed interest yet like the previous, just would not respond.

By now I was giving up on this cover idea and I have about six alternate covers sketched up that do not involve people.  I can only assume being a model is so unaffected by the current economy that offers can just be ignored.

Finally I have a model who said yes to the project and showed up yesterday to get fitted for costumes and props for tonight's shoot.  I am hoping it will be a lot of fun and the final product looks good.

If not, then I'm going to just bite the bullet and hire an artist.  My friend knows an artist in Texas who is familiar with the Steam Punk genera and has offered her services for a reasonable price.  J R Fleming.  Her 'friend' prices are almost cheap enough that I would just drop this current cover project and hand it off to her,  but between time and current costs involved, I need to see it through for now.

I think I will take some video and pictures of the shoot tonight and throw together a little something for YouTube.

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  1. You seem to have had a lot of trouble getting the book cover done. Hope it goes well for you. Thanks for dropping by my blog.