Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Cover design

At long last the photo shoot for the cover of my upcoming book is finished.  It took a couple of hours with the model and the photographer to get everything done.  Around 170 photos were taken and of those about a dozen came out excellent that we can use for front cover art, back cover, teaser trailers, and other general marketing material.

It was a very interesting project for us all.  I manned the video camera for most of the shoot.  I captured about 90minutes of footage that I plan to edit down to a 5-8 min video.  I have no idea when that will be available, but I will let everyone know once it is on YouTube.

I only got poked with the swords twice.  Both times were when I was manning the air blowing machine for some of the shots.  We had her walk a path and do an action sequence to try and get some neat shots.  The starting point was off camera by the blower and twice she hit me bringing the swords into position.  They came already sharpened by the eBay store.

Here is an example of the cover.  It still needs some work like adding the author name, and I do not have the final dimensions yet for a print version.  This week my goals for the book are many and aggressive.  If everything goes to plan, the book will be uploaded to Amazon and B&N this coming Monday the 20th and ready for sale once the wait period passes.

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  1. The book cover looks great. And it completely fits the title 'The Eternal Gateway'. I saw the gateway first, then I read the title. I was thinking this could be the entry to a strange realm, where most of us are forbidden to enter and only few chosen ones are granted the privilege.