Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The marketing machine moves forward.

As August ends and we start to move into the final stretch of 2011 the pre-holiday marketing continues.  Kids are going back to school, Labor Day and county fairs are in full swing and life gets busy after the long summer days.

Promoting and marketing your work never ends.  It's a full time job if you let it be.  I posted on my blog earlier about the September e-book a day giveaway.  It can be found here if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, and let anyone you know who might be interested as well to sign up.  The giveaway also marks a shift in social networking for me.  I am going to move everything book related off of my own Facebook page to a dedicated page for SBJones Publishing.  Look for that announcement soon when it goes live.

I have set myself an aggressive goal for Guardian.  December 14 is my tentative release date for the second book of The Eternal Gateway trilogy and I am on track to finish well before that.

September also brings my second book signing.  I have been asked several times to have a book signing at the Fantastic Flea Market in Hagerman Idaho.  The venue is nice and every time I have been to the market, it is full of people.  September 17th is the day I decided on setting up a signing table.  The reason I chose this date is because Hagerman is also hosting a Car Show and an Arts and Crafts show at the same time.  The flea market brings in about 300 people every Saturday, but with these two other shows going on, there will be an estimated 6,000 people attending.  From the information I have been told, I should expect about a third of those people to also at some point browse the Flea Market.  How many of those people will pick up a copy of Requiem?  It doesn't matter, it's about getting out there and letting people know.  Of course I will be happy for every copy sold.

So this brings me to a question for the blog readers.  What would you write inside your book to a customer?  I have a couple like "Enjoy the read" and "The Gateway adventure starts here"


  1. I suppose 'thanks for helping me pay the mortgage' would be too long?

    I'll get me coat...

  2. I would write "Enjoy the read,".

    Loved the titles of your Trilogy that you mentioned in my blog post on titles.

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