Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paperback now available on Barnes and Noble 19% off.

I almost forgot to announce that Requiem is now available on Barnes and Noble in paperback.  It is also discounted 19% off of the cover price.


I have to give a thumbs up to Lightning Source for adding it to their catalog so fast and for Barnes and Noble for picking it up.  Last Monday when I approved the second proof copy I put in an order for 50 books.  UPS tracking says I should have them by Monday the 18th.  I have no idea when Amazon will pick it up or other retailers.


  1. You must be thrilled; I like your book cover and title a lot.Both are intriguing and have the hook the reader element.

  2. What's your experience with Lightning Source been like? Did you order a bulk set of books before hand or are you just doing POD?

  3. @Elly, Lightning Source has been easy to work with. But only if you have your ducks in a row. They are a printing company that just happens to be part of Ingram Books. For example, I had to have a business set up to create an account. I also had to have a tax exempt number or I would be charged sales tax on everything I order. That in itself has its own issues as each quarter I have to file a sales tax form with the state.

    Next comes the formatting of a book. Its not as simple as uploading a word doc and a graphic for a cover and you get a book back. There are very specific requirements for the interior of the book and the cover. If you don't set it up right, it will either fail from the start or you get back a hunk of crap.

    There are also some costs involved setting up a novel. There is $30 for the proof. $70 for the title setup and $60 I think if you want it added to the catalog. If you make mistakes like I did, it will cost you another $30 for a proof and $75 for title changes. Basically $100 mistakes.

    Createspace for example if you have everything ready to go starts at $338 last I looked. If you have the know how or the ability to do it yourself, then Lighting Source is the way to go. If not then you will pay a premium for someone else to do it. Also from what I understand, Createspace uses Lightning Source as the print company anyway.

    Overall, Lightning Source is an easy company to deal with if you are prepared. If not, they could be very frustrating.