Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July and my second proof.

Normally I blog on Monday, but it was a holiday so I spent that time soaking up as much solar radiation as I could.  Its good for Superman so i'm pretty sure its good for me too.  So what does an international selling author do on a holiday summer weekend?  (Thank you person in the UK for buying my book.)  Why they live the dream that's what they do.

The above picture is a little lagoon that is upriver from my parents place in Idaho.  It is only accessable by boat and there are a lot of rocks in that area of the river.  Rocks that every year mangle someones boat and this year was no exception.  Note to boaters.  Aluminum props break and can be replaced.  Stainless steel props don't break, but break drive trains and engines.  I took a PhotoSynth Picture of the lagoon as well.  The boats did not come out well because they moved while I was taking the shot, but it is cool non the less.

Back to the book world.  I received the second proof from Lightning Source for the paperback version of Requiem.  The chapter heading mistakes have been removed, and I increased the gutter by 0.08in.  It did make the book "longer" by a dozen pages or so, but it looks a lot nicer and easier to read the inside margin at the beginning and end of the book.  Later today I am going to give Lightning Source the green light and order my first run of books to sell/give away to those waiting without e-readers.  I am going to have to practice signing my name as SB Jones to.  I better start going to bed early for that.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! And congrats on becoming international :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  2. International! Listen Mr. Fancypants! When you get famous I hope you don't forget about all of us little peons!

    The lagoon looks very inviting. Beautiful scenery, and a nice place to chill out. Lucky you!

  3. Oh my goodness, I thought this place was pretty until I clicked onto the link to the other picture. It's just beautiful.

    Congratulations on becoming an international author :)

  4. Yea, Blue Heart is pretty cool. With the lava rock canyon walls on 3 sides, it gets very hot in there. The water bubbles up from natural ground water springs and is COLD! Like 55 degrees so when its 110 out and you jump in, its like ice water.

    Photosynth is a pretty neat app for your smarty phone from Microsoft. It stitches together multiple shots into a panorama that you can move around and zoom in.

  5. The excitement builds. It's always interesting to hear the outcome of publishing stories and to find out what lessons were learned.
    Wishing you great success.

    Tossing It Out