Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to writing. Requiem paperback books ordered.

Finally back to writing.  I had not realized how much time had passed until I made an effort to sit down and write.  True, I have been busy with getting all the kinks out of the print version of the book, holiday weekend and family but still...  June 22 was the date on my save file.  Time will get away from you in a heart beat if you let it.

I sat down yesterday after lunch with the goal of 500 words.  This is a tiny amount compared to what I was cranking out with Requiem.  In less than an hour I had that goal beat and by the time I hit save for the final time, I had cleared 1500.  Chapter 2 of Guardian is taking a lot longer than I had planned and it is developing well.  One of the plot lines for Guardian is how do you take a character who in book one became a superman/chosen one with a lot of power and continue to have them grow as a character?  Simple, you have them grow mentally  emotionally and focus on relationships.  It has been fun to translate the classic heroes journey as an emotional journey instead of the physical one.

Other note, I approved the second proof copy of Requiem to Lightning Source and ordered my first short run of 50 copies.  I hope I can sell enough to break even as most will be giveaways to family, friends, and promotional gifts.  Math says I can give away 29 of them and I have to sell 21.  I am pretty sure I can manage that.


  1. You got a good number of words- 1500 is a great count. Hope you can keep up the pace. I am sure you can manage to sell 21 books; its a decent and achievable target.

  2. I like this. 'What do you give the man who has everything'?

  3. Awesome! Keep up the good work. I know how weird it can feel getting back in the swing of things.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)