Monday, December 26, 2011

Requiem is free for a week and a chance to win book two, Guardian

Christmas is over and there are millions of new kindles and e-readers on the market.  Empty e-readers that need to be filled.  Starting today, Dec 26 to Dec 30, Requiem is available for free at for Kindles, Kindle devices, and other e-readers or PC's using the Kindle app.

You can head over there now and grab a copy by using the following link, or you can click on the picture of Requiem on the right.

The second novel in The Eternal Gateway trilogy, Guardian, was released on Dec 15.  For a chance to win a gift copy of Guardian for your Kindle, all you need to do is send a tweet.  Two things are necessary for your tweet to qualify.  Use the hashtag #sbjones and use this shortened link to Requiem on Amazon's website.

The hashtag is where I will be pulling the winning tweets from so don't forget it.  The better the tweet, the more you tweet, the better chance of winning.  You can create your own tweets, or retweet, it doesn't matter.

Good luck.


  1. I just wanted to say thank you - I nabbed my free copy of Requiem as soon as I woke up - all I need now is time to read it :-)

  2. Thank you Sarah, it lats until Dec 30 so if you have any friends or family who might enjoy it, let them know.