Friday, December 16, 2011

The Eternal Gateway: Guardian

Guardian is now available in both paperback and e-book format.  The e-book is only available through Amazon, and the paperback is available through any online store, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I updated the blog layout to include cover images to both Requiem and Guardian.  Clicking on them will take you to Amazon's web site.  Also I added "buy now" buttons from PayPal if anyone wants to buy a copy of the books directly from me for $15.  I will sign and date them and provide free shipping inside the US.  If you live outside the US, we might be able to work something out on shipping, but right now I do not have access to an affordable option for international orders.

Guardian is the second novel in my trilogy that I have published.  It has been very exciting and rewarding to produce this project.  I start on the final novel "Sentinel" at the start of the year with an early May target date for release.

I updated the e-book for Requiem today as well.  I added a table of contents after I found out how easy they were to do as per the instructions in my guide.  Also I added the first nine chapters of Guardian at the end.  If you have already purchased Requiem, you should be able to refresh/redownload the book from Amazon for free to get the updated version.  (update is still pending at amazon atm).

For any of the readers out there, if you have not purchased a copy of Requiem yet, I will be having a special sale from Dec 26 to Dec 30 on Amazon for the e-book. *cough* free *cough*  So set yourself a reminder on your calenders and tell your friends.  My gift to all the people opening up a shiny new Kindle for Christmas.

Right now I feel like I could do anything.  Even ride a buffalo.

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