Monday, November 14, 2011

Barnes and Noble results and Guardian cover debut

Where to begin?  Saturday's book signing at Barnes and Noble was a huge success.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.  Having been a trainer for Dell, speaking and getting up in front of groups of people doesn't scare me or make me all rubber legged.  However, that was years ago.  Public events, crowds, and talking is a skill.  A skill I haven't used in a while so it was a bit rusty.  I met a TON of great people, and handed out close to 130 signed and dated postcards.

It's very interesting the dynamics of the people who walk into a Barnes and Noble.  The biggest surprise, but once you think about it, it kinda makes sense, was that very few people that I talked to owned an eReader.  The down side to this, is secondary online sales I expect are going to be low.  The last book signing had a nice spike in Kindle and Nook sales in the weeks following the event.  Regardless the exposure was priceless.  The staff of the store was great and impressed with the results.

So how well did the signing go?  Well...  Here is a picture of me acting all cool.  Some of the reactions people give are entertaining.  It's almost like there is some preconceived image of what an author looks like and I apparently don't fit the bill.  Even when I asked people if they would like to take a look at my book, they would still ask if I wrote it.

Book two: Guardian is just about finished.  There have been three complete edits and the book cover is finished as well.  I am ahead of schedule, and the manuscript is going to be sent to a few lucky beta readers.  So without further delay.  I present to you the full cover of The Eternal Gateway Book Two: Guardian.

I'm very pleased with it.  It was commissioned by JR Fleming.  And the book signing.  I sold out of every copy they had.  Achievement unlocked.


  1. Cool! It looks mysterious and old-timey. I like it. :)

  2. Interesting cover, I like it, it's different. I'm so glad your signing was a success, well done.

  3. I like the cover of Guardian. It has an old time feeling too it, a kind of dated look. Glad the book signing was a huge success.

  4. @Ranae- Thanks, I like it a lot. The clock hands all over and the diagrams in the background give it a much more steampunk look than the cover of Requiem.

    @Sarah- Thank you. One of several more I hope.

    @Rachna- Thank you. One more month and it launches.

  5. Great news about the B & N appearance. Congratulations on the success. I wish you well with The Guardian.

    Best selling author Lani Diane Rich visits
    Tossing It Out
    Wednesday November 16th.

  6. And I wonder how many people asked where the bathroom was. I used to get that question a lot.
    Also, one guy told me once he'd never heard of me, so I told him that's why I was there, so people could hear about me.

    I haven't done a book signing in a while. They can make an author deliriously happy or abjectly miserable.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. @Arlee- Thank you. I have a good feeling about Guardian and I think it will do very well.

    @Sarah- Thanks. It was a lot of fun. Something every author should put on their list of things to do.

    @Morgan- I didn't have anyone ask me that, but one guy asked if I knew where the Bibles were at. I pointed him to the big sign on the wall that said "Bibles".

  8. I wonder what these people think an author is supposed to look like? At any rate, I'm happy for you that your signing went well :)