Sunday, May 22, 2011

Starting the marketing journey

And so it begins, I have finished the second red line edit of my book.  It went from 74500 words to 74500+ after the first round and now its settled at 74211.  Not that it really matters.  I feel it needs going over once more and then 2-3 copies of the final edit need to go out for beta test outside of friends and family.  If the feedback matches what I have so far, then its rock and roll time.

This blogspot is where I plan to do some of the marketing as well.  Create buzz and all that good jazz as I try to sell my book.  Goal is to have it ready for purchase in June of 2011.  I plan to also use this as a journal as well.  Writing the book so far has been the easy part.  Editing, cover design, and researching the various print on demand options and e-book options have been far more challenging.

Book 1 of my trilogy is:
The Eternal Gateway: Requiem

Some current info for the curious.  I originally did the outline for all 3 books back in March of 2010.  I did write about 3000 words of the first book as well then I got caught up in trying to kill the Lich King and then the Cataclysm happened.  And didn't touch it until this year.  March 29th of 2011 is when I finished chapter 2.  On April 28 2011 I finished the 30 chapter manuscript.  At the start I spent maybe a whopping 2-5 hours a day if that, but the last week of work when I had a stack of papers to look at for motivation, I started to put in 6-12 hours to get it done.

It wasn't that hard to get it done.  The outline from a year ago made it easy.  I just read all of my notes and wrote about what I had already planned out.  I cannot stress that having it outlined made all the difference. And never going back to read what you had written before.  That means you don't go back to edit or review until its done.

Book 2 : Guardian I am planning on starting soon.  There isn't much anything else I can do right now with Requiem.

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  1. Hi SB,

    Congrats on your new blog and upcoming book. I know what you mean about marketing. I've been using blogger for a few months as well and it's a great way to meet people. The book sounds like fun and I'll keep an eye out for it's release. I started self-publishing as well this year so if you ever want to chat, give me a holler :)