Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's new in the world of SB Jones

It has been a while since my last update.  I have moved most of my updating and customer and fan interaction over to Facebook.  There is a link to the Facebook page on the right there if anyone wishes to hit the like button there.

Well, 2013 looks to be an exciting year in my writing career.  I launched the third book of the trilogy on Christmas.  It has been an amazing experience to write one book and see it in print.  Completing a series is ten times as exciting.

Requiem also received a face-lift as well.  The new cover really brings the set together as a unit.  I also redid the interior layout to match the other books as well.  From book one to three, I went from knowing nothing about typesetting to a whole lot.  If anyone is thinking about getting their first book into print.  Learn all about typesetting before you take the plunge.  Take the hours, weeks, even months to get it right or hire it done.

This coming March marks a very pivotal change for me.  Requiem will be leaving the KDP select program and the trilogy will be released to other online retailers.  No more exclusivity to Amazon.  So now people will be able to buy the e-books from Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon.  Statistically this should increase the market exposure of the books by a significant amount.

March also marks the tentative release date of Book One of The War of Antiquities.  It is all finished and I am currently working on Book Two.  The War of Antiquities is episodic with the first six episodes completing Book One.  They will be released approximately a week apart with a month break after episode six before Book Two gets rolled out.

The War of Antiquities takes place twenty years prior to Requiem.  It is all of the back story that surrounds the primary villain, Therion, and his relationship with the main hero's father, Duke Falconcrest.  Several characters from the trilogy play major rolls including the Mastersons, Vincent, and maybe a cameo or two by our favorite time traveler, Mr. Eleazar.  Also sprinkled throughout are details about Bastiana's origins as well as the woman who can fly, Angela.

I am very excited about this series, and it has been very fun to write.  I also have an upcoming book signing event at Barnes and Noble.  I am curious how it will do now that I have a trilogy to offer vs. a single book.

How are your plans for 2013 shaping up?


  1. Thats wonderful news, SBJ. I am thrilled for you. The war of Antiquites sounds great. You have been missing in action from a long time.

  2. Yeah, I found that I was spending too much time trying to market and not enough time writing. I also moved to a new home just never got back to the blog till things quieted down after book three was finally out the door.